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Please note new showtimes from 6th April of 9pm

The Girls !

Without our talented drag queens there would be no Minsky's Showbar, so it is only fitting we give you a brief glimpse of our stars in all their glory.

click on any of the girls names to see info & pics.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty has rapidly become one of Cardiff’s most well known and much loved drag queens and is a regular headliner at Minsky's.

If you're wondering how she keeps such a trim figure we’ve discovered that Miss Kitty hasn’t eaten since 1982, preferring a liquid diet. In fact, buy her a JD & Coke and you have a friend for life.

Well known throughout Europe, in a short space of time, Miss Kitty has tread the boards on some Miss Kittyof the most famous stages in the country and can now be seen regularly at Minsky’s Showbar.

Miss Kittys Facebook page

You can also check out the un-official Miss Kitty appreciation society
or the official Miss Kitty website for more info.

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty


The original Diva of Drag, Marcia has worked extensively all over Europe and has totted up a total of 8 years at Minsky's Showbar.  She has wowed crowds with her original and outrageous talent.

MarciaWith famous parents Tom Jones & Shirley Bassey, this girl is show-biz from top to toe, with true welsh blood in her veins.

However, be warned she is not for the faint hearted.  Marcia comes with a Government Health Warning!

Marcia's Facebook page

Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia

Dr Beverly Ballcrusher

Call 999 and you maybe surprised who turns up on the scene.  Dr Beverley Ballcrusher is one of the most established drag queens in the UK.  With a big voice to match a big attitude so hecklers beware as this is one Doctor who doesn’t pull her punches.

Dr Bev BallcrusherA lover of the impromptu gag and a mistress of unplanned comedy will leave you wondering “Did she just say that ?” Dr Bev can now been seen at Minsky’s Showbar.

Check out the un-official Dr Beverly Ballcrusher fan page here.

Dr Bev's Facebook page

Dr Beverly Ballcrusher Dr Beverly Ballcrusher Dr Beverly Ballcrusher Dr Beverly Ballcrusher Dr Beverly Ballcrusher

Tina Sparkle

Tina Sparkle has been entertaining audiences all over the country and Europe for over 8 years.  She started life as a Pontins entertainer, before moving to Cyprus for 3 years. Tina Sparkle

She has appeared on a number of TV programs including Wedi 3, Wedi 7, Pobl Y Cwm & Gofod. She has her own Tina Sparkle appreciation society on Facebook, and would love you to join!

Tina Sparkle's Facebook page

Tina Sparkle Tina Sparkle Tina Sparkle Tina Sparkle Tina Sparkle

Jolene Dover

Jolene Dover is the newest, prettiest and by far the youngest girl in town. Bursting onto the cabaret scene 2 years ago she travels up and down entertaining audience' nationwide.

Jolene DoverHer show is brass, witty and slightly off-the-wall. Her stage presence will electrify you and her voice will leave you begging for more. When she isn't nursing a hangover she can now be found at Minsky's Showbar

When asked to give a press statement she replied  ... "Bottle of Rosé and a straw. now!"

Jolene Dovers Facebook page

Miss Babs

Miss Babs, daughter of Pierre & Jacquiline Bouiver, was born a rich white child in section C of a Shirley Bassey concert.  Her dad thought they had great seats until her mom’s water broke.  One minute they are singing along to ’Kiss today, goodbye’ and the next minute her dad was cutting off mom’s Ted Baker jeans with The Dame herself holding a towel, some hot water, a pouch of tobacco and a glass of Miss Babspink champagne.

When not travelling up and down the M4, she can be found in Minskys Showbar, armed with a camera!  With her unique, glamorous and unforgettable look, she is awaiting your arrival for another extravagant evening with Minskys finest showgirls!

Miss Babs Facebook page